Police union backs call for Macarthur court precinct

THE Police Association of NSW has backed calls for the establishment of a justice precinct in the Macarthur region.

The Law Society of NSW and Macarthur Law Society have called for urgent investment in the region’s law system amid a growing population.

Police Association secretary Pat Gooley said court backlogs had taken up police officers’ time and had a negative impact on their ability to investigate crime.

“Crime prevention requires smart planning and smart investment in the justice system,” Mr Gooley said.

NSW Police Association secretary Pat Gooley. ©New Corporation

“This means ensuring our courts have the necessary resources and security, as well as adequate numbers of police prosecutors and support staff to serve our community.

“Police are tired of having to explain to victims and witnesses why matters are taking so long to come on for trial.

“We join with the Law Society in calling for urgent action to address this issue.”

Macarthur Law Society president Brett McGrath said Camden and Picton courts were outdated and did not have the security facilities needed for cases such as apprehended violence orders which involved family violence, placing the burden on Campbelltown Courthouse.

Mr McGrath said domestic violence cases in Camden had increased by 44.9 per cent in the past two years.

Macarthur Law Society president Brett McGrath has called for a new justice precinct in the Macarthur region. Picture: Robert Pozo ©New Corporation