Southwest justice precinct a step closer


Why does south-western Sydney need a Justice Precinct?


What is a Justice Precinct?


What would a Justice Precinct look like?


Why does south-western Sydney need a Justice Precinct and what are we campaigning for?

The time to campaign the Government is now. The need is dire and urgently needs to be addressed.

We need the State and Federal Government to urgently commit the funds needed to build a new, multi-purpose Justice Precinct in Sydney’s south west.

There’s never been a more pressing time to build a new, multi-purpose Justice Precinct in Sydney’s south west.

Court facilities in Sydney’s south west are out-dated, under-resourced, unsafe and failing to meet basic community needs.

The courts in Campbelltown, Camden and Picton are either at capacity or not equipped to manage the delays and backlogs in criminal and civil cases. Justice moves particularly slowly in Camden Court, which only sits for two days each month. The next available sitting for a hearing at Camden Court is not until January 2020.

Of greatest concern is the lack of security at the historical Camden and Picton courts, where cases involving family violence and AVOs are being heard. Picton Court is more than 150 years old and like Camden, no longer fit for purpose.

Victims of crime, who are already feeling vulnerable and under considerable emotional strain, have the right to feel safe when they appear in court. 

Victims of crime and people seeking resolutions to business disputes and family law cases are being forced to wait too long for justice.

To make matters worse for victims of domestic violence or assault, there is no Federal Court Circuit in south west Sydney to deal with family court matters. This means court users in south west Sydney are forced to travel to courts in Wollongong, Parramatta or the Sydney CBD to resolve family disputes a round trip that can take four hours by public transport or three hours in a car.

These delays and current realities add serious emotional and financial strain on the victims, their families and the accused. The time consuming and costly administrative delays also places an unnecessary burden on domestic violence support services, Legal Aid and the police.

By the time the newly named ‘Western Sydney International Nancy Bird-Walton Airport’ is open in 2026 the population south of the airport is expected to have grown to nearly 900,000. By 2036, it is expected to reach 1.1 million people.

We need to ensure that any new court facilities meet the future demands of the region.


What can I do to help?

Contact your MP via letter, email or phone

Voice your concerns with your local member of Parliament (MP) today.

The best way is to email them individually or write a handwritten letter and post it to them.

Click here to find your local member of Parliament and write them a note with your concerns.

Share your story

How has the delays in having your case heard, lack of court resources or long travel times to Sydney, Wollongong or Parramatta courts affected your situation?

Contact us with your story.

Spread the word and share our campaign

Help us pressure the Government for a new south-western Sydney Justice Precinct by talking to your friends about this issue. By encouraging the Government to listen to our immediate needs, it will help them be better representatives of the community of south-western Sydney, and they will be able to take action quicker.

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Southwest justice precinct a step closer


A new justice precinct built to serve southwest Sydney’s growing population is one step closer to becoming a reality, after years of campaigning by lawyers and the Law Society of NSW…